Monday, January 5, 2009

"My mind is racing"

I’m naturally a sleepy person myself but if I spend too long at this computer or stay up late working on some plan or project, the mind begins to run away with me. John Main in his teaching on meditation writes about the tree full of chattering monkeys in the background. We’ve got to find a way of silencing these unruly fellows.

Modern living with its over stimulation of background noise from Ipods and mobile phones and TV and radio makes its own contribution to the endless invasion of personal space. It reminds me of a country overrun by military occupational forces. Bad as these foreign agents may prove in a physical or geopraphical territory, still more damage can they do to the inner land of our own being. We need to establish our indepence and maintain our own peace.

The Jewish people of old were offered a land -- but it was not just a matter a territory. They were called to find first the kingdom of God that was within. Psalm 95 says it so well:

O that today, you would listen to his voice...
I was wearied of these people
and made a solemn promise:
You will nver enter the land
where I would have given you rest.

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