Monday, January 19, 2009

Because I said so

Anne Marie liked to take the children to the Cinema from time to time, but was careful to pick what she thought would be right and proper for them to see. Like all parents, she was watchful for anything might not be quite right for her lovely family. This time however, one of the more daring daughters suggested that they would do the choosing. So along they all went and were settling down to their crisps and sweets.

The film was about a mother and her teen-age daughter, and Eileen cocked her ear as she heard the line from the mother:Because I said so!” When the same line began to repeat itself, Eileen seemed to recognize it. "What am I doing here," she whispered? Is this daughter of mine trying to tell me something.

St. Paul is firm in telling children to honour and obey their parents, but he is equally firm in telling parents not to provoke their children. In itself, parental authority like any other authority is an excellent thing. Authority exercised with love and prudence and sensitivity is a source of security and provides the direction we need.

There may be danger in overdoing the Because I said so! side, but without someone to tell us the truth and to give sound advice, where would we be? In matters of faith, it is the supreme norm. Ultimately, I accept the doctrine of the Real Presence Christ in the Eucharist, because he says so. When Jesus asked, “Will you too go away?” Peter replied: “Lord to whom shall we go. You have the words of eternal life.

Thank God for parents, teachers and priests who tell us in words of life, --what is so, and why it is so.

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