Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here is the Celebration!

Joseph took to bed for Christmas—nothing to do with Santa or the shopping, just a man’s sized dose of the flu. He was disappointed with not being able to fulfil his role as Eucharistic minister.

He asked his daughter Joan to stand in for him, and when she returned full of the joys of Mass and the heart-warming sound of the Christmas carols, Don sadly remarked, “I missed the celebration.”

Joan with her engaging smile, immediately held up the Sacred Host, she had brought from the Church and said: "Daddy, here is the celebration!”

When I told the story to a friend, she remarked, “Joseph was there, really. It happened to me once, when I slept in and missed the 10.30 Mass. In a vision, I saw myself in my Sunday coat kneeling in my usual place. You know, God takes the desire for the deed.”

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