Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In the Secret place

In the course of a talk on the John Main method of meditation, I was asked, “What way does this differ from Rosary meditation?” Is the latter something inferior to this rather special type of meditation with the mantra?

The answer I gave was “It is and it isn’t!” It all depends on where you’re at. If the Rosary is made a kind of uniform,-- same for everyone and every situation, it can become a rigid formula that gives little scope for growth. If on the other hand, the Rosary is seen as a school of prayer, with many grades or stepping stones to wisdom, then there is room for the many splendoured range that moves from vocal prayer, to discursive meditation and on to stillness and silence.

The various mysteries of the Rosary can be pondered in detail,scenes from the Passion and Glory of Jesus can be held in the mind and applied to one’s own life in a very practical manner. The Rosary can be a way of coming to grips with the events of Christ’s life and as a method of proclaiming the Gospel. It is often called “the Gospel on its knees!” But the Rosary does not have to settle down there. As life goes on things can become simpler and one can learn in the best sense of the word to dream along with God. Far from being a mere day-dream this can be an attentive resting in the arms of the beloved.

There is a time for the simple gaze into the heart of the mystery. The vocal prayers slow down to a lingering pace. The rhythm of meditation merges into a stillness where one moves over the stepping stones to enter the secret place of the Beloved.

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