Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Prayer for Divine Love

O! Most Holy Trinity grant your holy wisdom
to men and women, celibate and married,
that they may seek to love
through the Divine Humanity of Jesus.

Through the burning love of his Heart,
through his sacred wounds,
pour light into our souls so that all may understand
that lasting love and its true enjoyment
is only possible through Jesus, the Reconciler.

Mary, Immaculate, Queen of the Universe,
Mother of God, be with us in our love.

O Divine Humanity, I crave
for the Church and for the world
and understanding of thy unique, beautiful
and all satisfying love.
O heal the wounds of sin carried
by your children for so long.

O rhythm of Divine Love,
pulsate through all creation,
so that we may reach that fulness of love
for which you minutely designed us.

O good God, let us enjoy you and each other
in the harmony of your love.
Pulsating love of our Trinitarian God,
Sweep mightily through your expectantcreation.
Cf. Romans 8,22

The above prayer is taken from my book:
A Celibate Way of Loving,

published by The Columba Press
55A Spruce Ave.
Stillorgan Industrial Park,
Blackrock, Co. Dublin

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