Sunday, February 8, 2009

Celibates-Living Signs

Celibates are sign-posts, but they must be living signs. They must not be wooden signs pointing to the kingdom, but not going in themselves. We, who are led to love must lead to love.There is no other path for us. We can show no other path to others.

Those who seek Jesus as the Reconciler will place all their trust in him. He understands their particular human needs and will alleviate them through each other according to their trust in him. Sincere souls will come to understand the magnanimity of Christ and be wounded and touched by his tender compassion. They will find their needs understood in ways that are extraordinary. You will find your flesh in your spirit,if your spirit is in God. Under the guidance of the Divine Humanity, you will find fulfilment. 

Place Jesus in majesty at the deepest level of human longing and he will lead you into the kingdom. If the Word made flesh dwells in you, and that means human cooperation, you will be a companion of Jesus and you will have the courage to love. You will never do anything but what you do before his face. His command is to love before his face. Do not be negative in loving. Delight God in love and he will give you a land flowing with milk and honey, no longer barren and dry, but resplendent with life.

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