Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Call to chastity- a Call to Love

The following are words that came to a certain lady as she waited on the Lord one day. I have embodied them and made them my own in the book, A Celibate way of Loving, published by Columba Press, Co. Dublin.

"The enjoyment of natural love is from me. Those who seek to love beyond, without or far from me, may for a time enjoy a purely physical sensation, which when shriven of its initial attraction leaves emptiness and bitterness, leaving the souls far from me. If I am sought through human loving. If I am understood and accepted as the author, giver and source of love, then my support, my tenderness and my power will give to those who love, an understanding of the true meaning of love and of human life.

I will divinise natural love between persons who seek to love through my Divine Humanity. Celibates depending on my Divine Humanity will receive support whereby they may love humanly while remaining faithful to me. They will find freedom to show great affection. Trust in me, will carry them through difficulties. By loving each other while placing all their trust in me, the love and gratitude of their hearts for me will be deepened. I will enter into your flesh and chasten it and make it sweet to love. Love without expression, if expression can help or heal another, is sterile. I have called you to love, and thus to love each other. If you do not first find me, you will be unable to love. I will be in your loving and you will find it sweet to love. Know me as the Divine Humanity.

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