Wednesday, March 18, 2009

True Devotion to the Rosary

First time I heard of the Rosary Confraternity I was turned off. The literature at the time seemed a kind of Holy Algebra. Do ABC and you get XYZ in return! It was a matter of performing this and that and expecting a free hand-out. The whole thing appeared cheap.

It was only when discovering the original thrust of the Confraternity that I began to make sense. In particular I came across the Golden Book of Alan de la Roche, (Opus aureum Alani de Rupensis) and found that he was the legitimate ancestor of St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort and the True Devotion to Mary. The spirituality of de Montfort and all the detail of his work as devleoped later by his Congregation, are a replica of the original thrust of the Rosary Brother/Sisterhood.

It would seem that in the centuries following Alan de la Roche and his associates, that Dominicans let the meat fall out of the sandwich! In the Posts to follow I have endeavourd to reclaim the true nature of this great Rosary Society. I would indeed welcome comment from you, dear reader. In particular I would wish to explain to members of the Legion of Mary, that the statement made by Frank Duff, their Holy Founder, was a purely private remark. There were two witnesses, but they have long since gone to their reward. (See section Frank Duff and the Legion of Mary)

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