Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Poem

Many years ago, I came across this poem by Sr. Agnes Vollman. It gave me an insight into the inner reality of Christmas. It helped me to understand,that it profits little to know that Jesus has been born in Bethlehem, if I do not allow him to be born in my own heart today.

The Virgin longed to see the face
of Him she bore.
She full of grace
must wait nine months
to gaze upon her God,
her Christ, her Son.

At last, O ever mounting joy!
He’s born, her boy.
And lo, his sacred features
are like one other creature’s.

His lips, his eyes, his brow,
formed in her till now,
are but her own,
hers alone.

The longing is it stilled?
Ah no, for God hath willed
unto eternity
her task should be:
to mould his blessed features,
this time within all people. Agnes Vollman

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